Discover your next Colorado adventure

We’re Sarah and Tim, and after years of traveling around the world to all 7 continents and over 70 countries as Organized Adventurer, we’re bringing our adventure expertise right here to our home in Colorado. Join us as we tackle our Colorado Bucket List and help you conquer yours too!

We’re on a mission to see the best of Colorado

With 4 national parks, 8 national monuments, 12 national forests, and 43 state parks, Colorado has no shortage of outdoor adventure. Check out our Bucket List and follow along!

Hey! We’re Sarah and Tim!

AKA That Colorado Couple! AKA Organized Adventurer if you follow us on Instagram or TikTok!

We’re Colorado residents with a passion for adventure and the outdoors. We recently moved into our forever home in the mountains and we want to soak up everything Colorado mountain life has to offer!

We aim to share everything you need to know to about the best parks, hikes, road trips, day trips, and travel itineraries throughout Colorado.

We’ve got a Colorado bucket list a “mile-high” long and we’re putting it all here in hopes it inspires you to get outside in Colorado!